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Piece & Love by eeBoo is a woman-owned and mother-run business dedicated to sustainability and the creation of original and extraordinary higher piece count jigsaw puzzles. Committed to offering the best in design, illustration, usefulness and wholesome fun, always delivering the highest standards of safety, quality, and environmental responsibility. Founded in 2018 by specialty toy pioneer Mia Galison, Piece & Love produces beautifully rendered, highest quality puzzles using low impact materials and employing ethical practices.


eeBoo is committed to creating beautiful, well-made products that help to develop a child’s creative, social and intellectual potential. Our products promote literacy, attentiveness, and empathy, while encouraging cooperation, communication and good citizenship. We strive to honor diversity and teach respect for other cultures.   eeBoo’s product offering includes a broad selection of award-winning games, puzzles,  books, arts and crafts and much more for specialty retailers. 

jigsaw puzzles for all age groups


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