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The Tinc brand has been developed on the premise of inspiring children through creativity by introducing  quality, fun products at responsible prices.


The collection features stationery, gadgets and gifts creating an all year round proposition with peaks for Back to School and Christmas.


Tinc, the brand, is not just about the product. Tinc has a personality, tone of voice and sense of innovation that is brought alive through a tribe of characters and distinct core colours


Today Tinc is a strong British brand that is developing into a global proposition. The vision and values have crossed continents successfully, inspiring individuals across the world.

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stationery, backpacks, pencil cases, lunch bags, water bottles, watches, clocks, journals, pencils. Pens, highlighters, keyrings, erasers, wallets, lamps, speakers, earbids, headphones, washbags, hats, mugs. Sunglasses, lip balms, stickers, desk accessories, cork

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