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Our cunning Ginger Fox™ team specializes in creating games, gifts, puzzles and mugs for adults and families, all with a clever little twist of ingenuity. Our sense of adventure, curiosity and determination has taken our products from the heart of Gloucestershire throughout the UK and into the USA and Australia.


Each member of the Ginger Fox team is dedicated to creating innovative, high-quality responsibly sourced and manufactured gifts. We strive to design, develop and manufacture products with a novel yet wide appeal that truly stand the test of time.


It is important to us that the lovely things we make, and the way we make them, have as little negative impact on people and the planet as possible. And we know this is important to you too.


We’re happy to assure you that, for all new Ginger Fox products introduced from September 2020 onwards we’re committing to stopping the use of single-use plastics, all disposable packaging being recyclable and the use of only FSC or recycled paper and card, amongst a number of other meaningful goals. This is just the start of a much longer journey towards becoming an environmentally and socially sustainable business.


We hope you’ll welcome Ginger Fox gifts into your store and that they bring joy to your customers - we certainly enjoyed making them!

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