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  • What is a "Qualified Retailer"?"
    You must hold a Vendor's Resale Permit from the Province of Ontario, and you may be asked to provide your valid HST #. This applies to all store-front, internet based or home based business. Some manufacturers will reserve the right to sell product to non-store front businesses, but these are dealt with on an individual basis.
  • What do I need to establish an account?
    Each company will require a credit application and in many cases will ask for a credit card to cover your first order. Each will have a minimum order that you must make and each will have their own requirements for you to establish terms for future orders.
  • Can I combine orders to make minimum?
    No. We may represent all of the vendors, but they are totally independent from one another and orders can not be combined.
  • How long does it take for orders to ship and arrive?
    If a company is based and ships from a location in Canada, they will handle each order as they are received. If the product is available, the turn around time from domestic companies is much faster than those that must come from the US. Most of our Canadian vendors can ship within a week and delivery will be based on where they are located. If a company is based and ships from the US, they may deal with the orders as they are received, however, most will consolidate Canadian orders and ship once a week. This reduces not only freight charges, but eases customs clearance. Turn around is based on where the company is geographically located. A shipment coming from New England may arrive in 4 or 5 days [from when it leaves the warehouse] , whereas if it is coming from the west coast, 10 days is an average wait time.
  • If I purchase from a US company - what currency do I pay in?
    In most cases, our US vendors will quote prices in Canadian currency. We strive to post a price when a new catalogue is released and hold to it until at least the end of a calendar year. Changes in the marketplace recently has meant that adjustments should be expected more frequently. The Canadian price takes into account all costs of duty & brokering across the border so that you have a firm idea as to what the product costs. Freight charges are more often than not in addition to the cost quoted by the vendor. In the very rare case that a vendor only accepts payment in US$, clients are expected to pay for the additional charges separately and you must take this into account when calculating your item cost. If you already have a broker account, please inform us when you place the order.

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