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Half Moon Bay is a well-established home & giftware company, working with iconic brands that resonate through the generations.
Based in the Georgian city of Bath in the UK, the company has built a reputation over twenty five years for its award-winning expertise, in producing colourful home and giftware collections that tell a story, as well as sell at consumer level. We supply to a variety of retailers; from department stores and garden centres to book shops, cook shops and lifestyle stores. 
We’ve expanded the bestselling line by talented printmaker and designer Kate Heiss, and going into 2024 we have introduced new collections. Our very own Pulteney Press is inspired by limited edition book collections that feature coordinated hard back cover colors. Arts and Crafts Society brings together William Morris and Voysey into one brand and we are pleased to introduce our Beatles Song Titles, alongside our everyday Beatles range. Moomin continues to grow in popularity and is one to really consider stocking if you don’t already. 

Products: home decor, stationery, novelty

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